Pirbright & Brookwood


An educational and peaceful flat route starting on Pirbright Green taking you through Brookwood Military Cemetery and Brookwood Cemetery. You return to Pirbright via Brookwood Heath and Pirbright Common


5.9km (19m)
Easy (1 hr 30 mins)
Average time
1 hr 30 mins
Plentiful & Free
Route Advice

  • Parking
  • Multiple pubs
  • Village
  • Forest/woodland
  • Church/cathedral
  • Park
  • Picnic area
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Historic site
  • Unsheltered/exposed
  • Great for running
Brookwood Common
  • Starting AddressPirbright Village Green, Avenue De Cagny, Pirbright, Woking, UK
The carpark on Pirbright Village Green

Did you know

Brookwood Cemetery, also known as the London Necropolis, is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom. There are over 50 notable persons, 18 listed memorials at Grade II or Grade II* status and several Victoria Cross holders buried or commemorated at Brookwood Cemetery

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Pirbright’s name was recorded in 1166 as Perifrith, from pyridge, meaning peartree and fryth, meaning a wood or wooded country. It formed part of the Royal Hunting Forest of Windsor and remained a isolated agricultural community for many centuries.

Brookwood Cemetery claims to have the largest collections of Sequoia species (Wellingtonia) in the country. Almost 200 years after they were planted according to John Claudius Loudon’s instructions, the survivors continue to fulfil the purposes intended by the landscaper; adding gravitas, shade and splendour to the graveyard.

The original Manor House and Mill at Pirbright date back from the 13th century. The present house is 16th century and was part of Catherine of Aragon’s dowry when she married Henry VIII.

Bronze memorial to Lady Matilda Jane Pelham-Clinton and Lord Edward Pelham-Clinton (Grade II Listed)
The Military Cemetery at Brookwood
A field towards the end of the walk just off White's Lane

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St Edward Brotherhood Orthodox Church

Route Notes

Please note the main gates to Brookwood cemetery close at 5pm and the Waffle Station is open Friday to Sunday

A wall of trees at the end of the walk
A few Mausoleum in Brookwood Cemetery

The fuel stop

  • Fuel Type Mobile Cafe
  • Location on Route At the start
  • Address Pirbright Village Green, Pirbright Village Green, Ave De Cagny, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0JE, UK