Merrow Downs, Newlands Corner, St Marthas and Pewley Downs



9km (240m)
Moderate (2hrs 50mins)
Average time
2hrs 50mins
Plentiful & Free
Route Advice

  • Dog friendly
  • Parking
  • Cafe
  • Refreshments kiosk
  • Forest/woodland
  • Hilly
  • Family friendly
  • Toilet
  • Potential overgrowth
  • Church/cathedral
  • Picnic area
  • Good phone signal
  • Campsite
  • Wildflowers/gardens
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Historic site
  • Unsheltered/exposed
  • Farmland
  • Great for running
Entrance to the Chantries
Entrance to the Chantries
  • Starting AddressMerrow Downs, Guildford, UK
Parking at Merrow Down
Parking at Merrow Down

Did you know

St Martha on the Hill, a listed grade 2 historic building, is the only church in Surrey to be on the Pilgrims’ Way. A 12th-century church existed in its place originally but after falling into ruin was rebuilt in 1848–50.

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In 1942 a prisoner of war camp was built on Merrow Down holding Italian and German prisoners. The huts were used after the war as temporary housing for local people before being demolished in the late 1950s.

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St Martha on the Hill
St Martha on the Hill
A Peacock butterfly on the mile path
A Peacock butterfly on mile path

Route Score


Stunning views all the way along the route from Newlands Corner and St Marthas to Pewley Downs


Newlands Corner can get quote busy, on sunny weekends particularly, but there is a lot of green space along the route


A mix of different surfaces along the route


St Martha on the Hill

The top of Pewley Downs
The top of Pewley Downs
Geoff climbing Mile Path
Geoff climbing Mile Path
Guildford Golf Club
Guildford Golf Club
Yvonne Arnaud Grave at St Martha on the Hill
Yvonne Arnaud Grave at St Martha on the Hill
The view of Guildford from behind Pewley Downs
The view of Guildford from behind Pewley Downs

The fuel stop

  • Fuel Type Cafe
  • Location on Route Approx 3km in
  • Address The Plucky Pheasant, Dorking Road, Guildford, UK

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