Amberley Round

West Sussex

Start and finish in the picturesque village of Amberley. This route takes you through prime birdwatching country via Amberley Wildbrooks and Rackham Woods. As a bonus you'll get sweeping views over the Wildbrooks and views up to Amberley Mount on the South Downs.


8.64km (103m)
Moderate (2h20)
Average time
Limited & Free
Route Advice

  • Dog friendly
  • Parking
  • Cafe
  • Pub
  • Village
  • River walk
  • Wetlands
  • Potential overgrowth
  • Mud likely when wet
  • Bird spotting
  • Good phone signal
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Farmland
  • Great for running
  • Starting AddressAmberley, Arundel, West Sussex, UK

Did you know

Amberley Wildbrooks forms part of the Arun River Valley Ramsar and Special Protected Area. The ditches are man-made, and host almost half of all the species of aquatic plants in Britain. It is important for invertebrates and wintering wildfowl.

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The path through the Brooks is likely to be very boggy during winter and after heavy rainfall.

Route Score



Tranquility only spoilt by birdsong, farmyard noises and the bustle of Amberley


Can be boggy/muddy when wet


Route Notes

Amberley Village can get fairly congested, especially at weekends and summer. Please park considerately, there is alternative parking near Amberley Station - to the South of the village

The fuel stop

  • Fuel Type Pub
  • Location on Route At the start
  • Address Amberley Black Horse, High Street, Amberley, Arundel, UK

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

With Amberley Tea Rooms on your right, head up the road to the T-junction, turn left and at the footpath sign turn right. This will take you down and onto the WildBrooks following the Wey South Path. For approx 1km follow a clay track (keeping to the sides for best traction). Continue straight, on the grass track keeping your eyes open for winter migrant birds, harriers, herons, kingfishers and deer.

Step 2

At the end of the grass track go through the kissing gate with wooded wetlands to either side. This part of the route can be very wet and muddy, there are some boards, which you can walk on but these can be slippery when wet so take care. Past the woods you will come out into farmland and a double-plant bridge taking you over the last ditch. This field sometimes has cows in it and the first part can be slightly boggy.

Step 3

Turn left through a metal gate at the end of the field and you'll find yourself on a farm track (still on the Wey South Path). Follow this round to the right, left, right and left again. You will pass some barn houses and some working barns (often with cows in). Once past "The Cabin" there is a footpath to your left which takes you down to the River Arun.

Step 4

You will hit a quiet lane just by Greatham Bridge. Turn right onto the lane and follow it until a T-junction. Turn right, signposted to Rackham and Amberley where after a short while you will have Rackham Woods on your right. At the 5 bar gate and footpath finger post turn right into the woods.

Step 5

Follow the footpath through the woods, for a great view of Amberley Wildbrooks from the other side. Take the right fork and at the fingerpost go over the small wooden bridge. Across a couple of fields and past Rackham Mill, you will go over a stile into another short wooded section. Exiting this, you will cross another stile into a (sometimes) muddy cow field. Head diagonally right towards a small gap by the side of the hedge for a bridge to a track that you cross straight over and into an uphill sloping field

Step 6

Follow the path up and across the field - taking in another panoramic view of the Wildbrooks. You will emerge onto a lane - turn right and follow this back down to Amberley village. You will find teh Amberley Black Horse on your left and round the corner is the TeaRoom where you started.